Cancun Cab to Dream Lagoons

The Dreams Lagoons, a hotel that, even though it is considered small, can be classified within the best in the city for its great service, good location and perfect structure, and yes, even though it is a small hotel, it has a four star rating and is considered familiar, but we recommend you to attend only as a couple or with adults.

As previously said, this hotel is targeted to a family audience, but we do recommend that you book with an adult or a couple, since the hotel does not have areas or services dedicated exclusively to children or minors, so they could feel a little bored or maybe a little left out.

We hope you don’t expect that this is all we’ll say about this hotel because we haven’t even told you what it has for you, with services such as outdoor swimming pools, internet, kitchen, gym, laundry, air conditioning, two bathrooms, two rooms, and assistance with tours and various recreational activities.

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