How to find us

Welcome to Cancun!

We know that first impressions are lasting impressions, that’s why it is very important for us to offer you a warm and genuine service from your arrival to the destination and throughout your stay.

Finding us is very easy, we are right outside each terminal.

terminal de cancun aeropuerto

Our staff is located OUTSIDE the airport building, they will have a banner with the Caribe Suttle sign and your name on it.

Upon arrival, you will have to go through Immigration where you will be asked for the forms distributed on board the plane duly filled out and proof of citizenship (valid passport). Once through immigration, you will proceed to the designated carousel to pick up your luggage; trolleys are available at no additional cost.

Once this is done, you will need to clear customs by pressing the button, if the red light comes on (which happens randomly) your luggage will be inspected.

Once through customs, continue down the hallway where you will find several tourist information modules. Do not stop, do not accept discounts or promotions from the people inside the terminal, they are timeshare promoters. At the end of this hallway cross the last glass door to reach the exit of the airport building, where Caribe Shuttle staff will be waiting for you.

Please do not exit through the “family and friends” door.

como encontrarnos

I go with a sign with your name and our brand logo.

If you arrive at Cancun International Airport Terminal 2, your assigned driver will be waiting for you in front of the “Welcome bar”.

welcome bar terminal 2 de cancun

If your flight arrives at terminal 3, your driver will be waiting for you in front of the “Margarita Ville” bar, outside Terminal 3.

If your flight arrives at terminal number 3, your driver will be waiting for you in front of the Margarita Ville bar outside Terminal 3

When your flight arrives at terminal 4, your driver will be waiting for you in front of the “Welcome Bar”, please note that this terminal is long, so you will have to avoid all cab promoters.

Terminal 4 Welcome Bar

If you have any questions or need assistance during your trip, please do not hesitate to contact us: